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Opening up with an electric guitar flourish and the developing of its elegant, graceful melody of the verses, "He's a Keeper" is an auspicious opening to Paul Weller's Heliocentric album. There are several sections in this brief song, ranging from skiffle, folk, and even minor psychedelic passages. A fabulous, double-tracked electric guitar solo (probably from both Weller and Steve Cradock) binds in all together. Lyrically, it's sort of a second person account of self-examination, filled with both praise and pathos.

If I'm not mistaken, this is the first pretty extensive tour you've had in America in a little while, isn't it? Yeah, I guess so. It's 20 dates anyway, so yeah. Someone else said that today as well, that they can't remember us doing such a long tour. I can't remember. But I'm looking forward to it. We've always loved playing the States.

It does. I thought I’d interviewed Weller only a few months back, but it turns out that the last time we spoke was five years ago. “Can you believe it?” he says, and I can’t, quite. For a start, Weller doesn’t appear to have aged: he’s been in his silver-fox era for a few years now, and, really, he still seems exactly like Paul Weller – smartly dressed, consciously coiffed, edgy, dandy, sharp. Still with music on his mind: “Have you heard the new Blur album? It’s their best yet”; “I prefer Noel’s stuff now to what he was doing with Oasis at the end”; “[Pharrell’s] ‘Happy’ is one of the greatest records I’ve ever heard.” On a table, there’s an old copy of The Face , with a now-famous picture of him surrounded by young, Parka-ed Mods. Weller is bowling through them, all slicked-back hair and tweedy overcoat. “They’re not happy about it, are they?” he says. “Look at the filthy look that kid’s giving me.” The picture is more than 30 years old. Oof, indeed.

Paul Weller - He's The KeeperPaul Weller - He's The KeeperPaul Weller - He's The KeeperPaul Weller - He's The Keeper