Karate - cancel/sing - Karate - Cancel/Sing

Class is held independent of school snow days. In the event of a heavy snow storm, class may be cancelled. Call the TDPRD at 530-582-7720 after 2pm for updates.

I just got this new Tabeoke machine from Singing Machine and I have to tell you that it is a blast! My kids were all over this thing from the minute it arrived on our doorstep. I have to say it's a pretty cool little product with the ability to sing karaoke through the phone or tablet or through a plug in "aux" jack for our CD player or iPod. We've tried all the ways and it works great.

I’m sure that you can appreciate that it is unreasonable on the instructor, and unfair to the other students, if a single disabled person, (or a person with extreme psychological challenges) were to dominate the class to the detriment of the other participants. GKR instructors are compassionate and patient, but they are not specifically taught how to teach students with disabilities. That is a specialist skill, which the average instructor in any martial arts style does not have the time to acquire.

Karate - Cancel/SingKarate - Cancel/Sing