Johannes brahms — roger lepauw - andré krust - sonates pour alto et piano op. 120 - Roger Fisher | Concert Organist and Pianist

A concert violinist becomes charmed with his daughter's talented piano teacher. When he invites her to go on tour with him, they make beautiful music away from the concert hall as well. He ... See full summary  »

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Performance of art songs in recital requires special skills for both the singer and pianist. The degree of intimacy "seldom equaled in other kinds of music" [1] requires that the two performers "communicate to the audience the most subtle and evanescent emotions as expressed in the poem and music." [1] The two performers must agree on all aspects of the performance to create a unified partnership, making art song performance one of the "most sensitive type(s) of collaboration". [1] As well, the pianist must be able to closely match the mood and character expressed by the singer. Even though classical vocalists generally embark on successful performing careers as soloists by seeking out opera engagements, a number of today's most prominent singers have built their careers primarily by singing art songs, including Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau , Thomas Quasthoff , Ian Bostridge , Matthias Goerne , Wolfgang Holzmair , Susan Graham and Elly Ameling . Pianists, too, have specialized in playing art songs with great singers. Gerald Moore , Geoffrey Parsons , Graham Johnson , Dalton Baldwin , Hartmut Höll and Martin Katz are four such pianists who have specialized in accompanying art song performances. The piano parts in art songs can be so complex that the piano part is not really a subordinate accompaniment part; the pianist in challenging art songs is more of an equal partner with the solo singer. As such, some pianists who specialize in performing art song recitals with singers refer to themselves as "collaborative pianists", rather than as accompanists.

“….first rate performances, well recorded……………………..Roger Fisher’s performance of Franck’s B minor Choral is superior to many…. his command of structure is impressive and his performance of Dupré’s wonderful variations is wholly exceptional; I doubt it has been surpassed………..apart from the composer’s own………….”

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Johannes Brahms — Roger Lepauw - André Krust - Sonates Pour Alto Et Piano Op. 120Johannes Brahms — Roger Lepauw - André Krust - Sonates Pour Alto Et Piano Op. 120Johannes Brahms — Roger Lepauw - André Krust - Sonates Pour Alto Et Piano Op. 120Johannes Brahms — Roger Lepauw - André Krust - Sonates Pour Alto Et Piano Op. 120